2009. We had a writing’s competition for student from university/college on 2009. We receive more than 100 papers from all participants from Indonesia. Here is the report :

The Winner of ‘KOMPETISI 2009

First Winner/Juara Satu : Sri Hindriyastuti/Universitas Diponegoro

Second Winner/Juara Dua : Lizana Hariyanti/Univ. Mataram

Third Winner :

Agus Surachman/Institut Pertanian Bogor; Andriyansyah/Univ. Langlangbuana; Titis Margiati/Uiversitas Gajah Mada; Khairul Faiz/Poltek Ujung Pandang; Muhlasin/Universitas Brawijaya; Ramdhani Wikusumah/Inst. Teknologi Telkom; Yenni Saputri/Universitas Gajah Mada; Dwi Yulianto Nugroho/Univ. Sanata Dharma; Kristanto Bagus Afandi/Universitas Gajah Mada

Alhamdulillah. We really appreciate to all of you that support us who being our Donors, Judges (Mrs Nurlaila Arumsari, Mr Mamik Hidayat, Mr Gery, Mrs Dyah Retno Winarti, Mr Aris Ika Nugrahanto), students who sent their writing, people who promote our program, and also for our web site visitors.

You can read their writing in this blogwhat I will do to change to world as a student’. Please enjoy your time!

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